{*} Send Fake Location on Whatsapp (Full Guide) Ultimate Trick

Send Fake Location on Whatsapp 

Nowadays, making a prank on friends became more familiar and fun. There are many numbers of pranks to do with your buddies. You can also send the fake location to your friends that are staying in other countries. But the only question among the people is, it is possible or not. Yes, it is very much possible to send the fake locations to your friends. Some of the primary processes are to handle to prank your friends are to be followed. A guide for the people who are looking for the prank tutorial can go down this website.

Share WhatsApp location

Individuals who are all looking for the WhatsApp share fake location you can follow here. It is the method that you can share the fake location with your friends. They think that you are in other countries. It is said to be the best prank among the people now. We all know that to share the WhatsApp location status. But don’t know to send fake location with your friends. There are many fake location apps available but trust me this one is the best.

How to send Fake location

Those who are all the Android and iOS device users can follow the steps that you are looking for a long time. Some of the main steps to be followed by the people are:

For Android

  1. First of all, people should visit the PlayStore for the Fake GPS location
  2. Now go to the settings -> about the device, then hit seven times on build number.
  3. Then the user will get settings of developer options.
  4. Open the settings on the phone, again select the developer option.
  5. Now choose the developer options and enable moke locations button.
  6. Once you complete the settings, now open the Fake GPS application.
  7. Now click the set location button once the location search is over.
  8. Sharing the location with your friends is ready.

For iPhone

  1. Your iPhone must be rooted first, and then Cydia should be installing for using this method.
  2. Now open the Cydia from your device, and click the search button
  3. Then search for the Location Faker.
  4. Once the location is set to prank your friends, you can share it via WhatsApp to any of your buddies.

Check out this Video for more info:

Final words

These are the necessary steps to be followed by the users. It is said to be one of the great application to use at anytime from anywhere. So anyone can download this fantastic app from the store and make use of it. For further updates regarding this trick will be updated here for the users. For tricks, people can follow this website at any time.

Make fun of your friends with Love Calculator Trick 2017

Love calculator prank

Nowadays, doing prank is playing the major role among the youngsters. Also, it is one of the best therapies to have more fun and entertainment on time. From marriage hall to home, especially the kids and youngsters play with a great deal among the people. Here we are sharing one of the great pranks for the people that who are very much interested in playing with friends. We are very much aware that the people who are all looking for the pranks can find here.

Love Calculator

Fake love calculator technique

It is one of the cool techniques to go through the love prank tricks with any of your friends. People who are all looking for the great prank can follow this love prank calculator. It is a very trick to follow among the people, in particular among the friends. By using this fake calculator, people can follow to enter their name as well as their crush name. It is the best prank for the friends who are all looking for making fun all the time. There are some of the steps to follow at any time for using this interesting love calculator.

Important things to notice

  1. First of all people should visit this love calculator link.
  2. Once you clicked the link, it redirect to the next page
  3. There you can view the search bar like enter your name, email address and password.
  4. Once you filled the required details, you will get a unique link.
  5. It is the great chance to share the link once you generate your own link.

People who are all looking for the friends to do prank can share your own link. Yes, you can share your link with your friends and ask them to use this amazing love calculator. Especially doing prank on the friends who are in love will be very easy.

How to play with fake love calculator

It is very easy to play using love calculator. Firstly, you have to enter the name and then the crush name which is available next to the search bar. And click the button to calculate. It is a great prank that will be fun for all the time. Once you click the calculate button, you will see the percentage. The percentage will be appearing between the user and the user’s crush. If any of your friends checking calculator, then you will get their names via email immediately. It is fascinating to calculate love percentage and prank your friends at any time.

How to unlock the locked SIM on android Phone? Best Software!

Dear guys, in this context, I am going to discuss how to unlock your android mobile by using best unlocking software. For example, if you forget your pattern lock, you can’t unlock your mobile easily. In that critical situation, you go to the service center and ask to look out the problem by paying some amount. They are simply flash all the data in the mobile and boot new OS. In such case, the Android users are kindly requested to read this article completely only then you will be aware of the process to unlock your mobile with the help of software.

Software to Unlock SIM

Best SIM unlocking software

Dr. Fone is one of the best software to unlock your android device. There is the huge demand for this software which is also used to unlock the lock screen, data backup, and so on. Dr. Fone is the single toolkit which supports the many Android devices. So I suggest the Android users try this software at least once and you will be getting benefit from this as I am assuring you. The Android users are asked to follow the directives give below to know the working process of this software. One more thing I want to intimate that you have to pay approximately 20 US dollars to unlock your SIM. If you ready to pay this, then follow the instructions provided below.

  • Initially, the Android users have to get into the link https://drfone.wondershare.com/android-sim-unlock.html to download and install the software.
  • The individuals who are all using Samsung devices can use this software without any hesitation. But this software presently supports only the Samsung devices.
  • After completing the downloading process, you have to install this software by clicking on the install button.
  • Once the installation process gets completed, you have to click on the SIM unlock. Then check whether the USB debugging is enabled or not. To enable the USB debugging, go to Settings followed by About Phone and tap seven times the Build number.
  • After that, go back to the settings and click on the developer option. By doing so, you can enable the debugging option.
  • Then you have to connect your device to PC. After this software detecting your phone, you have to click the next button. Dial #9090# from your mobile and follow the steps provided by them.
  • Within the short duration, this software will do some process and unlock your phone as soon as possible.

Like this software, #2 NokiaFREE unlock codes calculator is available to unlock the SIM for Nokia users. This link http://www.softpedia.com/get/Mobile-Phone-Tools/Nokia/Nokia-free-unlock-codes-calculator.shtml will help you to download the Nokia unlocking software. Furthermore, #3 Multi unlock software can work for many Android devices. This software will be useful for Sony, Samsung, Huawei and some other users. The Android users can download and install this branded software using the link provided below.


I hope that this article will be helpful for you. If you think that this context is necessary for you, then you can share this page with your friends through the social networking Medias.



How to Set WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Cropping- Guide

Whatsapp Picture without cropping

WhatsApp is a free social network application for Smartphones. This freeware was designed and developed by the Facebook team, and this is initially released in the year 2009. This software is written in Erlang programming language. This app is mainly designed to accomplish numerous useful tasks quickly. Some of the exciting features are sending text messages, documents, pictures, videos, audios, PDF files, phone contacts, voice notes to other users. With the support of this application, the users can make video calls and speak with your friends and family members for various purposes. The users can access all these features if they have the internet connection. As per the statistics are taken up to Feb 2016, there are more than one billion people are using this application.

Set Whatsapp Profile Piture without cropping

In this application, the users can set the display picture and status. But most of the users are struggling to set their favorite picture as WhatsApp DP. In such case, they crop that image to decrease the size of the picture and set it as WhatsApp profile picture. But this will not impress your contact members because some portion may miss out while cropping. So I kindly asked you to go through this article without getting the delay. Here I am going to provide some instructions which will help you to set WhatsApp profile picture without cropping it.

Whatsapp is the most popular application which is mainly used to send instant messages. So the users have to maintain their display picture in a unique way.

Steps to Set your Profile Picture without Cropping

By using the Squaredroid application, you can fix any image as your WhatsApp profile picture without cropping. This app will resize the picture so that it will fit in the square size correctly. Please note that this Squaredriod app will not cut your images.

  • Initially, the users have to download and install the #Squaredroid app
  • After completing the installation process, you have to open the app so that you can find the menu options
  • From the home page, you have to select the pick a photo option
  • Then this app allow the user to choose the picture that you would like to set it as WhatsApp DP
  • After selecting the image, this app automatically resize the picture without cutting any parts in the picture
  • Now you can save the gorgeous picture by clicking top corner on the right side. The added advantage of this app is that you can set the quality of the resized picture while saving the image.
  • Finally, the users open the WhatsApp and go to the gallery option so that you can set their resized image as your WhatsApp profile picture

I hope the information provided in this article will be useful for you while setting WhatsApp display image. If you have any doubt, you can post your queries in the comment box. We will resolve your doubts as soon as possible.



Best Fast Charging apps for android Smartphones 2017 (*Latest)

Best Fast Charging Apps

People who are using mobile phones facing the biggest problem in charge withstand capacity; there are many fast charging apps available for Android Smartphone. All the best apps are available on Google play store, which can be downloaded for charging your phone faster. Some of them will have the confusion about the process i.e. how the app can charge your phone faster. There are some tricks behind these apps, such as once you have installed the app on your mobile, it kills the entire background task ultimately that saves the memory and charges the phone faster. Some other apps will be involved in another process to charge the mobile phone faster by showing the suggestions like turn off sync, wifi and so on. The Best charging app such as Fast charging Pro, Super Fast Charger 5X, Fast battery charger 2X, Faster Battery Charger and so on.

Fast Charging Apps

  • Fast charging pro:

This is the best charging app which is highly recommended to charge your phone faster, and this app kills all the background tasks that run on your phone. Once the download and install process gets completed, it detects that you are charging your phone or not. While you are connecting for charging, click on the big start button in this app and wait for some time to do its magic by killing the unwanted background task which keeps eating your memory.

  • Super Fast Charger 5X:

Super Fast Charger 5X lets to charge your mobile phone in quick and comfort manner. This app explains by examining all those services that drain your battery like mobile data, NFC, etc. and turns them to off when needed. It completely closes all the unwanted apps running background by the single tap on the screen. It not only speeds by the charging but also involves in the process of extending the battery time.

  • Fast charging:

Fast charging is the superfast charging app for Android, just by clicking the start button it will start doing the work. This app will give suggestion to turn off the unwanted apps, reduce brightness and so on. This app will help you to charge your phone faster up to 20-40%, so try this app for the better experience.

  • Fast battery charger 2X:

Fast battery charger 2X will be the best if you want to charge your phone short on time and it works on both the rooted and non-rooted devices. It will ask you the options to select the mode of charging as fastest mode, a fast mode, and the normal mode. It will intimate you once your mobile phone is charged completely. These are the key feature that satisfies your requirement and supports you by providing the 50% more battery life. It provides you the proper battery status as temperature, voltage, and others. This has the features of one click operation, works as battery saver and auto detect when the charger connected then also boost the charge speed. These are some apps that make your phone to be charged faster and save the power.










Best Apps for Rooted Mobile Phones Must Download (Updated)

What is Rooting?

Rooting is termed as the jail braking which helps to unlock the operating system. It means it will help to install the unofficial apps, updating the operating system, customize anything and much more. Once the user rooted the android device then what will be the next steps. For this doubt, let’s check out the information regarding the next steps once the android get roots. By the help of rooting, users can do anything. Some of the steps that every user should follow once the root is done. Let’s check out the steps followed after the root.

Best Apps you can use with rooted devices:

  • Expand RAM

Nowadays the users of android looking for the better memory space in their devices. Each and every android users use to download and install the number of applications for many purposes, but this will reduce the space of your devices. It means it will create some issue during the time of downloading extra apps. At that time RAM will not allow the apps to get store due to the less space in the device. The only solution you want to carry over with is downloading the app which will support to expand more memory. It means it will help you to download the heavy memory games as well at any time.

  • Download Dolby Atmos

Many of the android users are very much interested to show the love towards the music. Some of the users are more passion about the music during the time of music listening. But still they feel unsatisfied with their mobile music features and low quality of sound. Everyone wants the music to listen in high quality level which will show the true experience of the music.   To get this experience Dolby Atmos is the real show stealer will make an impact among the users especially among the music lovers. Dolby Atmos has lots of features to utilize during the time listening music.

  • Kill Wi-Fi

As per the recent report, many people often use to go with the Wi-Fi internet. On the other side people go to the hotspot internet which is using around them. But the main thing is people connect internet with the other devices with knowing others. It is the thing happening nowadays all over. It will also reduce the sender’s internet data. To solve this problem there is a solution called Kill Wi-Fi. It will help you find the users connected to your devices. And it also has the feature that to break the connection of other devices.

  • Block websites

We all know that the people have started to use internet often. Sometimes the website search by the users may cause harm to your devices. It is also said to be the harmful sites which will damage your device. For those people we are requesting you to download the best app for blocking the websites in your device. By downloading and install the best app in your devices will bring out your device from damage. For those people who are all looking for the best app to book the websites can get it from tech market.


How to share data in Airtel Latest Guide Tutorial {*}

In recent days, every mobile operator has they started to use the service of Internet. And sharing their data’s by using the Airtel service; you can directly transfer data from one mobile number to another. Some of the very easy tricks to transfer the internet data from one mobile to another mobile are going to share here on our website. This service is also referred to be as Data loan service. With this service, you can make use of to send and receive Internet Data Loan to friends and from your relatives, friends, and dear ones. Here the step by step procedure will help you to transfer the internet data (2G /3G/4G) from any one mobile to another. If you have a big family or friends who want to use the internet at time, then this great offer will help you.  This offer makes some better impression among the users.

How to transfer data from Airtel to Airtel

Just like the transferring of balance you can also transfer internet data from one Airtel network to another Airtel network (share data on Airtel). To transfer the mobile data’s from one mobile number to another you can use this servicer. Before entering into the service, you must need to know about the service codes to go further. Before jumping into transfer the data’s, you must be aware of about the balance data’s on your mobile data account. Let’s move on with step by step process for your further reference.

How to share 2G/3G data’s in Airtel

Those who are asking for how to share 2G/3G data’s in Airtel can follow the below procedure which will be very useful for the Airtel users who visited out website.

Transfer 10 MB data

If you want to share the data’s of 10MB you need to dial the Airtel internet pack transfer code of *141*712*11* Receiving Airtel number#

  • Later press the call button as you are regularly doing with the method of recharge
  • Then follow the instruction which will appear on the screen.


Transfer 25 MB data

If you want to share the data’s of 10MB you need to dial the Airtel internet pack transfer code of *141*712*9*Receiving Airtel number#

The same executed process will be for sharing 25MB data’s

  • Press the call button to go further
  • Then follow the instruction which will appear on screen

Transfer 60 MB data

The followed same procedure is also for sharing 60MB you need to dial the transfer code for 60 MB data’s *141*712*4*Receiving Airtel Number#

  • Continue pressing dial button
  • Follow the instruction display on the screen.


Note: Remember that there you can share the data only between two Airtel contact numbers. During the time of transfer, Airtel may charge Rs.1. As per the rules by Airtel you can transfer data’s only once per day.

For your further updates on sharing internet data’s with your friends and families, you can visit our website anytime. Hope the information on sharing data’s helped you to move ahead.



Install Dolby Atmos Apk on Any Phone (Easiest Guide*)

Dolby Atmos Apk is software to maximize the sound effect up to its potential for portable speakers and headphones. If you want to maximize your sound effects in headphones and speakers, then you must download and install the Dolby sound effect. This system has started using in theaters since the year of 2012 across the globe.

Thus the Dolby Atmos company has now brought us the surrounding Dolby sound effect which gives very live audio experience into the mobile phones and home. Already many devices like Sony, HTC, Lenovo, etc., come up with specific hardware and preinstalled Dolby Atmos with music equalizer which is already inbuilt to experience the music. IF you are worried about that you’re mobile is not with any music setup. Then you can install and download Dolby Atmos on other Android devices and marshmallow. It seems to be official to download for the users, and it works very well on any device which is running with the Android version of 4.3 Jelly Bean, Android 5.0.2, 5.1.1 for Lollipop or Android 6.0, 6.0.1 Marshmallow and Android 4.4 series or 4.4.4 for KitKat. These are the versions of Atmos Apk for android jellybean, lollipop, KitKat, and marshmallow versions. This process is worth your time which will help you by knowing how to install Dolby Atmos mobile APK on any Android device. But before jumping into installation make sure that your device is rooted or not. The reason without restart you can’t install Dolby Atmos on any of your Android devices.

How to install Dolby Atomos Apk?

The installation process is the must for any of your device who wants their favorite apps in their mobile devices. In this case, it is very easy to install and uninstall the Dolby Atmos on any of your device. Then make its sound quality more like crystal clear than the typical effect, and it will help to give users a Three Dimensional (3D) experience. To install the Dolby Atmos all, you must need any custom revival in your device and root access. During the time of installing the Dolby Atmos or after the process of installation the errors may chance to get an appeal. Then without doing anything just try to install the software to get back to its earlier state. The steps followed to install for the Dolby Atmos are

  • You must be aware of that whether you have any custom recovery installed on your device or not. Here I recommended you to go with TWRP recovery.
  • Next step to download Dolby Atmos mod file from the section of shared download link.
  • Then copy all the files of Dolby Atmos in your memory device memory.
  • Then start to reboot your device into the mode of recovery format.
  • Then the procedure to follow is

Go to Install -> chose zip file from memory SD card-> locate saved .zip file and extracted this zip file.

  • Once if you installed before rebooting, clean the cache divider from the highly recommended TWRP recovery.
  • After cleaning up, the cache just tries to restart the device.
  • Yes, you made it! You have installed Dolby Atmos successfully on your device.

And now it’s a time to check your installed DOLBY Atmos app on your device. If you want to change the settings according to your facility just move to the option settings and you can change Base, Equalizer, and Treble as well.

Some of the disadvantages

  • This DOLBY app will not support to 4.3 devices which may cause harm to your device.
  • To uninstall you need another zip file to uninstall the Dolby Atmos.


How to check your own Number in All Operators (USSD*)

Checking all operator number of your own number becomes very much necessary in many times. During these days we are maintaining dual SIM for various needs. Observing in mind our numbers always might be difficult in particular among the new network users. Even am also the one who the struggling to maintain which becomes quite common among all the users. Some users using their first SIM for phone calls, Texting and other SIM may use for internet browsing.  Having different numbers for official and personal life is also becomes quite common among the users. So, being not able to remember the number of a particular SIM at a given time is not a very rare nowadays. In this case we usually have a option left that to call our friends or families to call back to know our own operator number. So, here we are providing the simplest way to check your own mobile number at a right moment.

USSD codes 

Each and Every operator uses some verification codes termed as USSD codes for getting back your own mobile number which will show on your screen. Once you want to know the number of a particular SIM in your phone, and then go to the SIM, punch the specific numbers for that particular carter and your mobile number will display on the screen. For some of the other carriers you may need to hit the call button after typing the USSD code. Once you have completed that, a small window with your number will pop up on the screen then will need to click the OK button on the screen to make it disappear after you have received the number.

Check All Operator Number

The best thing is about using these USSD codes to find your own mobile number is that, this service will provide completely free of cost by every operator to the users. So, you don’t need to spend even a single buck during the time of process. Here are the USSD codes for various operators to follow by the users

USSD Codes for Checking own Number (All Operators)

  • Reliance users: For Reliance mobiles use USSD codes, *111# and *1#.
  • Tata Docomo users: The USSD codes to verify for Tata Docomo enter *1#, *580# and *124#.
  • Idea Users: The USSD codes for Idea mobiles include, *789#, *100#, *147*1*3#, *125*9#, 81# and *131#.
  • Vodafone users: Vodafone USSD codes include, *111*2#, *555*0#, *555#, *777*0# and *131*0#.
  • Airtel users: Here the USSD codes for Airtel mobile are *121*9#, *140*1600#, *400*2*1*10# and *140*175.
  • Aircel users: The USSD codes for Aircel are: *122*131#, *888#, *131# and *1#.
  • BSNL users: The USSD codes for BSNL are *1# and *99#.
  • For Videocon users: Both Videocon has a single code for checking your own mobile number is *1#.

The above-given information informs the user about this service which goes unnoticed by the many users. But some of the codes provided above in the information may also not work all the time. By using the number verification USSD codes of any user with mobile from any operator can check their own mobile number on mobile immediately.



SMS Bomber Online: Bomb your Friends with Unlimited texts

SMS Bomber

SMS Bomber is the trick that you prank your friends and families. If you are all searching for any prank then this SMS Bomber Apk for you. We are ready to provide the information about the SMS bomber those who want to do with your friends for long time. Here we are providing about the latest trick on SMS Bomber online which will ready to amaze you. With this tricks, you can able prank your family or friends by sending an unlimited number of SMS. Doing prank with your friends is fine, but there is a limit for anything even your friends may get irritate about that they receive some unlimited SMS. So, before bombing blindly on your friend’s name try to think twice or thrice whether they will get into trouble or not (Just for Fun). With this statement, we are providing a best online SMS bomber to go further.

How to use SMS Bomber

To visit the online prank SMS bomber just follow the below link

If the above link is not satisfied or works, you can also move on with other links for Online SMS Bomber by following

By clicking the above links, you will directly get load to the official website of online SMS Bomber App

You only need to fill up your number and number of messages to move further.

If it works then ok!

For your further reference we have added one more link for prank, just have a look

  • Prank your Friends By Killing their wifi Connection

This one works 100%.

Features of Online SMS Bomber

  • Immediate Delivery of SMS with no any delay.
  • You can forward an unlimited number of messages Working Only In India.
  • No international for online SMS bombing.
  • You can send many number of messages to any number once in a day.
  • No one knows that who is sending messages.


This updates on SMS Bomber till now from our page is 100% working. If you are looking forward to more pranks, just follow our page.


How to stop receiving unlimited SMS

If you worried about that you are receiving a lot of messages from your friends and you want to l stop it then here has a Solution. Follow the steps to stop receiving an unwanted number of texts.

  • First, you have to download True Messenger app like True Caller, click the link below
  • After the Download, try to Register Your Account details.
  • Then press long on contact number From Which You Are receiving an unwanted number of SMS.
  • After that, you will able to see the option of block.
  • Finally, click on the Block option to stop receiving messages.



This page will get to know everything about the Online SMS bomber. If you are ready to prank your friends by sending unlimited messages, you can visit here. This website is used to get more updates on tricks, pranks, etc., Hope you had a great time by visiting this page!