Top 5 best URL shortener websites to shorten URLs

In the great social media, you can access many long sites which look hilarious to share. In that case, you can use this URL shortener to make the websites shorter. If your URL is shorter, it looks sweet for the people to share and click on it. The URL shortener is completely free to use, […]

Things to Do After Rooting the Android Phone

In this article, I will suggest you do 12 amazing things after rooting your android device. The guys who are interested in gathering such valuable information can read this context completely. At last, you will feel jubilant about getting this useful information as I am assuring you. Also, you will be able to do all […]

{*} Send Fake Location on Whatsapp (Full Guide) Ultimate Trick

Send Fake Location on Whatsapp  Nowadays, making a prank on friends became more familiar and fun. There are many numbers of pranks to do with your buddies. You can also send the fake location to your friends that are staying in other countries. But the only question among the people is, it is possible or […]

Make fun of your friends with Love Calculator Trick 2017

Love calculator prank Nowadays, doing prank is playing the major role among the youngsters. Also, it is one of the best therapies to have more fun and entertainment on time. From marriage hall to home, especially the kids and youngsters play with a great deal among the people. Here we are sharing one of the […]

How to unlock the locked SIM on android Phone? Best Software!

Dear guys, in this context, I am going to discuss how to unlock your android mobile by using best unlocking software. For example, if you forget your pattern lock, you can’t unlock your mobile easily. In that critical situation, you go to the service center and ask to look out the problem by paying some […]

How to Set WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Cropping- Guide

Whatsapp Picture without cropping WhatsApp is a free social network application for Smartphones. This freeware was designed and developed by the Facebook team, and this is initially released in the year 2009. This software is written in Erlang programming language. This app is mainly designed to accomplish numerous useful tasks quickly. Some of the exciting […]

Best Fast Charging apps for android Smartphones 2017 (*Latest)

Best Fast Charging Apps People who are using mobile phones facing the biggest problem in charge withstand capacity; there are many fast charging apps available for Android Smartphone. All the best apps are available on Google play store, which can be downloaded for charging your phone faster. Some of them will have the confusion about […]

Best Apps for Rooted Mobile Phones Must Download (Updated)

What is Rooting? Rooting is termed as the jail braking which helps to unlock the operating system. It means it will help to install the unofficial apps, updating the operating system, customize anything and much more. Once the user rooted the android device then what will be the next steps. For this doubt, let’s check […]

How to share data in Airtel Latest Guide Tutorial {*}

In recent days, every mobile operator has they started to use the service of Internet. And sharing their data’s by using the Airtel service; you can directly transfer data from one mobile number to another. Some of the very easy tricks to transfer the internet data from one mobile to another mobile are going to […]

Install Dolby Atmos Apk on Any Phone (Easiest Guide*)

Dolby Atmos Apk is software to maximize the sound effect up to its potential for portable speakers and headphones. If you want to maximize your sound effects in headphones and speakers, then you must download and install the Dolby sound effect. This system has started using in theaters since the year of 2012 across the […]