Best Fast Charging apps for android Smartphones 2017 (*Latest)

Best Fast Charging Apps

People who are using mobile phones facing the biggest problem in charge withstand capacity; there are many fast charging apps available for Android Smartphone. All the best apps are available on Google play store, which can be downloaded for charging your phone faster. Some of them will have the confusion about the process i.e. how the app can charge your phone faster. There are some tricks behind these apps, such as once you have installed the app on your mobile, it kills the entire background task ultimately that saves the memory and charges the phone faster. Some other apps will be involved in another process to charge the mobile phone faster by showing the suggestions like turn off sync, wifi and so on. The Best charging app such as Fast charging Pro, Super Fast Charger 5X, Fast battery charger 2X, Faster Battery Charger and so on.

Fast Charging Apps

  • Fast charging pro:

This is the best charging app which is highly recommended to charge your phone faster, and this app kills all the background tasks that run on your phone. Once the download and install process gets completed, it detects that you are charging your phone or not. While you are connecting for charging, click on the big start button in this app and wait for some time to do its magic by killing the unwanted background task which keeps eating your memory.

  • Super Fast Charger 5X:

Super Fast Charger 5X lets to charge your mobile phone in quick and comfort manner. This app explains by examining all those services that drain your battery like mobile data, NFC, etc. and turns them to off when needed. It completely closes all the unwanted apps running background by the single tap on the screen. It not only speeds by the charging but also involves in the process of extending the battery time.

  • Fast charging:

Fast charging is the superfast charging app for Android, just by clicking the start button it will start doing the work. This app will give suggestion to turn off the unwanted apps, reduce brightness and so on. This app will help you to charge your phone faster up to 20-40%, so try this app for the better experience.

  • Fast battery charger 2X:

Fast battery charger 2X will be the best if you want to charge your phone short on time and it works on both the rooted and non-rooted devices. It will ask you the options to select the mode of charging as fastest mode, a fast mode, and the normal mode. It will intimate you once your mobile phone is charged completely. These are the key feature that satisfies your requirement and supports you by providing the 50% more battery life. It provides you the proper battery status as temperature, voltage, and others. This has the features of one click operation, works as battery saver and auto detect when the charger connected then also boost the charge speed. These are some apps that make your phone to be charged faster and save the power.










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