How to check your own Number in All Operators (USSD*)

Checking all operator number of your own number becomes very much necessary in many times. During these days we are maintaining dual SIM for various needs. Observing in mind our numbers always might be difficult in particular among the new network users. Even am also the one who the struggling to maintain which becomes quite common among all the users. Some users using their first SIM for phone calls, Texting and other SIM may use for internet browsing.  Having different numbers for official and personal life is also becomes quite common among the users. So, being not able to remember the number of a particular SIM at a given time is not a very rare nowadays. In this case we usually have a option left that to call our friends or families to call back to know our own operator number. So, here we are providing the simplest way to check your own mobile number at a right moment.

USSD codes 

Each and Every operator uses some verification codes termed as USSD codes for getting back your own mobile number which will show on your screen. Once you want to know the number of a particular SIM in your phone, and then go to the SIM, punch the specific numbers for that particular carter and your mobile number will display on the screen. For some of the other carriers you may need to hit the call button after typing the USSD code. Once you have completed that, a small window with your number will pop up on the screen then will need to click the OK button on the screen to make it disappear after you have received the number.

Check All Operator Number

The best thing is about using these USSD codes to find your own mobile number is that, this service will provide completely free of cost by every operator to the users. So, you don’t need to spend even a single buck during the time of process. Here are the USSD codes for various operators to follow by the users

USSD Codes for Checking own Number (All Operators)

  • Reliance users: For Reliance mobiles use USSD codes, *111# and *1#.
  • Tata Docomo users: The USSD codes to verify for Tata Docomo enter *1#, *580# and *124#.
  • Idea Users: The USSD codes for Idea mobiles include, *789#, *100#, *147*1*3#, *125*9#, 81# and *131#.
  • Vodafone users: Vodafone USSD codes include, *111*2#, *555*0#, *555#, *777*0# and *131*0#.
  • Airtel users: Here the USSD codes for Airtel mobile are *121*9#, *140*1600#, *400*2*1*10# and *140*175.
  • Aircel users: The USSD codes for Aircel are: *122*131#, *888#, *131# and *1#.
  • BSNL users: The USSD codes for BSNL are *1# and *99#.
  • For Videocon users: Both Videocon has a single code for checking your own mobile number is *1#.

The above-given information informs the user about this service which goes unnoticed by the many users. But some of the codes provided above in the information may also not work all the time. By using the number verification USSD codes of any user with mobile from any operator can check their own mobile number on mobile immediately.



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