Make fun of your friends with Love Calculator Trick 2017

Love calculator prank

Nowadays, doing prank is playing the major role among the youngsters. Also, it is one of the best therapies to have more fun and entertainment on time. From marriage hall to home, especially the kids and youngsters play with a great deal among the people. Here we are sharing one of the great pranks for the people that who are very much interested in playing with friends. We are very much aware that the people who are all looking for the pranks can find here.

Love Calculator

Fake love calculator technique

It is one of the cool techniques to go through the love prank tricks with any of your friends. People who are all looking for the great prank can follow this love prank calculator. It is a very trick to follow among the people, in particular among the friends. By using this fake calculator, people can follow to enter their name as well as their crush name. It is the best prank for the friends who are all looking for making fun all the time. There are some of the steps to follow at any time for using this interesting love calculator.

Important things to notice

  1. First of all people should visit this love calculator link.
  2. Once you clicked the link, it redirect to the next page
  3. There you can view the search bar like enter your name, email address and password.
  4. Once you filled the required details, you will get a unique link.
  5. It is the great chance to share the link once you generate your own link.

People who are all looking for the friends to do prank can share your own link. Yes, you can share your link with your friends and ask them to use this amazing love calculator. Especially doing prank on the friends who are in love will be very easy.

How to play with fake love calculator

It is very easy to play using love calculator. Firstly, you have to enter the name and then the crush name which is available next to the search bar. And click the button to calculate. It is a great prank that will be fun for all the time. Once you click the calculate button, you will see the percentage. The percentage will be appearing between the user and the user’s crush. If any of your friends checking calculator, then you will get their names via email immediately. It is fascinating to calculate love percentage and prank your friends at any time.

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