{*} Send Fake Location on Whatsapp (Full Guide) Ultimate Trick

Send Fake Location on Whatsapp 

Nowadays, making a prank on friends became more familiar and fun. There are many numbers of pranks to do with your buddies. You can also send the fake location to your friends that are staying in other countries. But the only question among the people is, it is possible or not. Yes, it is very much possible to send the fake locations to your friends. Some of the primary processes are to handle to prank your friends are to be followed. A guide for the people who are looking for the prank tutorial can go down this website.

Share WhatsApp location

Individuals who are all looking for the WhatsApp share fake location you can follow here. It is the method that you can share the fake location with your friends. They think that you are in other countries. It is said to be the best prank among the people now. We all know that to share the WhatsApp location status. But don’t know to send fake location with your friends. There are many fake location apps available but trust me this one is the best.

How to send Fake location

Those who are all the Android and iOS device users can follow the steps that you are looking for a long time. Some of the main steps to be followed by the people are:

For Android

  1. First of all, people should visit the PlayStore for the Fake GPS location
  2. Now go to the settings -> about the device, then hit seven times on build number.
  3. Then the user will get settings of developer options.
  4. Open the settings on the phone, again select the developer option.
  5. Now choose the developer options and enable moke locations button.
  6. Once you complete the settings, now open the Fake GPS application.
  7. Now click the set location button once the location search is over.
  8. Sharing the location with your friends is ready.

For iPhone

  1. Your iPhone must be rooted first, and then Cydia should be installing for using this method.
  2. Now open the Cydia from your device, and click the search button
  3. Then search for the Location Faker.
  4. Once the location is set to prank your friends, you can share it via WhatsApp to any of your buddies.

Check out this Video for more info:

Final words

These are the necessary steps to be followed by the users. It is said to be one of the great application to use at anytime from anywhere. So anyone can download this fantastic app from the store and make use of it. For further updates regarding this trick will be updated here for the users. For tricks, people can follow this website at any time.

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