SMS Bomber Online: Bomb your Friends with Unlimited texts

SMS Bomber

SMS Bomber is the trick that you prank your friends and families. If you are all searching for any prank then this SMS Bomber Apk for you. We are ready to provide the information about the SMS bomber those who want to do with your friends for long time. Here we are providing about the latest trick on SMS Bomber online which will ready to amaze you. With this tricks, you can able prank your family or friends by sending an unlimited number of SMS. Doing prank with your friends is fine, but there is a limit for anything even your friends may get irritate about that they receive some unlimited SMS. So, before bombing blindly on your friend’s name try to think twice or thrice whether they will get into trouble or not (Just for Fun). With this statement, we are providing a best online SMS bomber to go further.

How to use SMS Bomber

To visit the online prank SMS bomber just follow the below link

If the above link is not satisfied or works, you can also move on with other links for Online SMS Bomber by following

By clicking the above links, you will directly get load to the official website of online SMS Bomber App

You only need to fill up your number and number of messages to move further.

If it works then ok!

For your further reference we have added one more link for prank, just have a look

  • Prank your Friends By Killing their wifi Connection

This one works 100%.

Features of Online SMS Bomber

  • Immediate Delivery of SMS with no any delay.
  • You can forward an unlimited number of messages Working Only In India.
  • No international for online SMS bombing.
  • You can send many number of messages to any number once in a day.
  • No one knows that who is sending messages.


This updates on SMS Bomber till now from our page is 100% working. If you are looking forward to more pranks, just follow our page.


How to stop receiving unlimited SMS

If you worried about that you are receiving a lot of messages from your friends and you want to l stop it then here has a Solution. Follow the steps to stop receiving an unwanted number of texts.

  • First, you have to download True Messenger app like True Caller, click the link below
  • After the Download, try to Register Your Account details.
  • Then press long on contact number From Which You Are receiving an unwanted number of SMS.
  • After that, you will able to see the option of block.
  • Finally, click on the Block option to stop receiving messages.



This page will get to know everything about the Online SMS bomber. If you are ready to prank your friends by sending unlimited messages, you can visit here. This website is used to get more updates on tricks, pranks, etc., Hope you had a great time by visiting this page!


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