Things to Do After Rooting the Android Phone

In this article, I will suggest you do 12 amazing things after rooting your android device. The guys who are interested in gathering such valuable information can read this context completely. At last, you will feel jubilant about getting this useful information as I am assuring you. Also, you will be able to do all the things easily without struggling much.

Things you can do with rooted device

There are many cool and exciting things you have to do with your Android mobile after rooting it. In this tutorial guide, we have provided a lot of things in the step by step manner which will be very useful for you to do such things on your Android device. Once the rooting process is completed, you can increase the Random Access Memory (RAM) of your phone. Moreover you can download and install the Dolby Atmos quickly and much more.

Rooting Android Phone

Rooting Android Phone is the process of opening the new world of customization or experimental things that you have to do with your Android device. This rooting process is performed to change or modify the system files in your android mobile. If you perform rooting in your mobile, you can do anything like remove the system apps and much more things.

Things can do after rooting the android mobile

The Android users can do many things after completing the process. Those amazing things are listed below:-

  • Increase the RAM
  • Alter boot animation
  • Replace Kingroot with Supersu
  • Flash the custom ROM
  • Install the best apps and Dolby Atmos
  • Install the busybox
  • Block any websites
  • Install the device emulator

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Increase the RAM

If you install many apps, then your RAM will decrease and also the speed of the device decreases automatically. At this time, almost all Android users want to increase the RAM on their device. In such case, you have to install the new app named Roehsoft Ram Expander which will help you to increase the RAM of your device. This app increases the swapping memory in the phone which acts as RAM.

Install best apps

There are numerous best apps are readily available in Google play store. You have to install those apps after rooting your android mobile. Some apps can be installed only on rooted Android devices. So I suggest you to root the android phone only then you can install any app that you would like to use.


Stop background apps

In Android devices, many apps like WhatsApp, Facebook are running in the background. In such case, your battery life will wash out soon and also the speed of your mobile is getting decreased as I am assuring you. To tackle this problem, you have to install the Greenify app which is used to close all background apps.

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