Top 5 best URL shortener websites to shorten URLs

In the great social media, you can access many long sites which look hilarious to share. In that case, you can use this URL shortener to make the websites shorter. If your URL is shorter, it looks sweet for the people to share and click on it. The URL shortener is completely free to use, it may charge for some pro features. Now in this article, you can know all the details of best URL shortener in a perfect way. For example, in Twitter it takes only 140 characters are allowed to be tweeted, in that case, the URL must be shortened. There are lots of options available for shortening your links along with the additional services like bookmarking and analytics on you click.

Best URL shorteners

Advantages of shorting the URL using Shortener websites:

  • A short URL will be easier to customize without changing the original permalink
  • It takes less space
  • Hiding the original with some different link
  • Looks more attractive and directs to click on it

Best URL shortener websites: 

Here are the best URL shortener websites which can help you to get the sweet and precise link to share.


It is the great URL shortener service most widely used options out there. By this you can find how many clicks your shortened receive. In addition to that, you can bookmark and organize your link on your personalized dashboard. It nearly claims to have billions of users, which gets created in the year 2008. It provides several features as branded domain, audience insights, mobile friendly links and much more.

  • is the link shortening services and provides simple as well as the hassle-free process. All you need is the Google account; you can start the process using this tool. If you wish to have the history, that can be tracked by login before shortening. Your long URLs can be shortened in few minutes, as you have liked to have.


This site is one of the oldest shortening URL services formed in 2002 by Kevin Gilbertson. This site has a lot of features to facilitate marketers in the better way. The most prominent thing is that custom domain for branding you service and keeps your link confidential. In this, you can customize the end letters and numbers.

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  • is another most popular alternative for the above websites from the leading social media known as HootSuite. In this, you can shorten the URL by entering the captcha code properly. Through this can share images, videos, files easily in all sorts of different formats. One of the best and real benefit from this website is that link shortener comes in using it in conjunction with HootSuite itself for all social media marketing.


It provides the simplest URL shortening experiences and makes you more manageable for easier sharing in social media. In addition to that, it enhances your branding smoothly without any special process like signing in or by entering the captcha. I hope all these things will be more helpful to choose the best URL shortening website for the process.

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